Storytime Sunday


Storytime Sunday is a weekly event hosted by A Writer Named Charley. Anyone can join! Simply do the following:

  • Read the new writing prompt.
  • Write from the prompt.
  • Feature the piece on your blog or submit to before midnight on Friday!
    • Make sure to use the image!
  • Share, read, and repeat on Sunday with #StorytimeSundayWriter!

The Story Behind It All:

As a writer I struggle to continue a consistency with my writing. For years my writing came in waves of writing all the time to not writing at all. In June 2016, I hit a wave of “I NEED TO WRITE ALL THE TIME!” I picked up an old piece I had worked on and revised for a period of years, “The Changing Tree.” For some reason, however, I could not get back into it. So I picked up a different piece and had the same issue.

Finally after talking to a close friend of mine who also started writing again, I got this idea. “Storytime Sunday” came to me when I was driving down a country road to work. All of a sudden I knew how to keep my writing momentum growing and going. I would host a weekly feature on my blog for writers with prompts. Thus “Storytime Sunday” began on A Writer Named Charley. Each week I find a new writing prompt to post on Sundays along with a piece inspired by the prior week’s prompt. In order to invite other writers into the feature, they can take inspiration from the prompt and submit their writing piece for the feature. Of course, not all writers have blogs. If this is the case, then email me your writing piece (preferably attached in a Google Doc or PDF form) by the Friday before it would be posted. Bloggers, however, can showcase their pieces on their own blogs by using the above image and hashtag (#StorytimeSundayWriter) and sharing on social media. Make sure to tag me on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest!

Check out the weekly feature here or click on the category name in the sidebar.

While the story may be short, I hope to continue growing this feature throughout the blogging and writing communities to inspire other writers like me to continually grow and write throughout their lives. I hope to see a writing piece of your own soon!

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~

 Future Storytime Sunday prompts:


September 18: I’ve been dating your sibling, but the first time I go over to your house I can’t take my eyes off you.

September 25: Go to your nearest book. Turn to page 51. Find the first line of the last paragraph on the page. Use that line to start your piece.

October 2: Write about the three things he could never tell her.

October 9: On everybody’s 18th birthday, they wake up with a tattoo of what their soulmate will first say to them.

October 16: “I have 50 boxes of cake mix, we need to start making cakes ASAP where are you?” “I think you got the wrong number but count me in anyway. It sounds like fun!”

October 23: Your body contains multiple souls, but you’re the most powerful one. You have control over your body, and the voices in your head are just the weaker souls talking to you.

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