Review/Writing Index

Hello there!

This is the part of my website where I make it SUPER easy for you to find specific items (unless you search for them in the search bar). In the drop down menu (and these super cool graphics below) you will find two sub-menus: Review Index and Writing Index. Both pages will be in alphabetical order. (Time to break out that good ‘ol “ABC” song!)

My Review Index will be separated between book reviews and movie/TV reviews. As there is with everything, some crossover will occur. The reviews will then be posted under both categories.


My Writing Index holds MY VERY SPECIAL WRITINGS. These are the poetry, prose, and essays I post on Fridays, normally. Some may be from my Storytime Sunday feature on here. I will post them by title under their corresponding categories.


Thank you for visiting this page and have lots of fun looking around!

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~