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I am Charley, if you haven’t check out my ‘About Me’ page, then check that out first!

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A Writer Named Charley

I posted my first exclusive story on Wattpad on July 28, 2016. Believe me, I love it. I made the cover, so it’s a pretty simple design. (If any one of you want to redesign the cover, please do. Then send me it.) I believe I even talked about the story idea somewhere on this blog before. It’s  a retelling of Rumplestiltskin with swirls of alchemy. You’ll have to check out my Wattpad and tell me what you think!



I’ve had this Twitter account for a while. If you go back far enough you’ll be able to find the days when it solely stood for my personal use. Around the time I gained 200 followers (on Twitter) I changed it to solely a blog account and started a second personal account. Now I  hold a monthly Twitter chat with Iridescence (@mebeingquixotic) and tweet lots of gifs. Make sure to send me a tweet and a follow saying hello!



Once again, I’ve had Goodreads since before my blogging days. In fact, I started the account in 6th grade (I believe) and now I’m in 12th grade. (Gosh that made me feel old.) Occasionally, I struggle with cross posting reviews from here to there, but one day I will catch up on it. I’m getting better at posting reading updates as well, but no guarantees. Come friend me and let’s discuss books!


A Writer Named Charley

There’s not much to say except I apologize in advance for the boring/dry pin descriptions. Just click on the links and look at the pretty pictures please. I share the best of my best there.:) Come be my pinning buddy!


A Writer Named Charley

I started this bookstagram account on June 1. If you look at my beginning pictures, please don’t pity me. I occasionally post some really great pictures. You can find my favorites on my Pinterest board (see above). Instagram is definitely my sporadic place for posting. I do, however, keep it up to date with my #currentlyreading and my #amwriting. (Except Twitter (see above the above) is definitely the best place for #amwriting posts.)

Thanks for visiting me around the Internet and on my wonderful blog! Don’t be afraid to start up a conversation with me. That’s why I started this blog. Hope to see you around!