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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! I would love to hear from you! Recommendations, book conversations, life conversations, etc. are all welcome!

The Blog…

I started A Writer Named Charley on January 3, 2016 to spread my love of books and writing. I post a variety of things, but mainly just my writings and reviews. As far as what genres go, I read a little bit of everything in YA lit and some New Adult lit as well. If you want me to review/promote a title check out my Contact Me page. I write poetry, prose, reviews, and blog posts now! 

FB_IMG_1482507435833.jpgThe Blogger…

My name is Charley Hrobsky, and I am the writer behind this whole production. I live in Wisconsin, and I’m a high school student. I grew up with a love of reading that came from my parents reading me Harry Potter. My writing love began in first grade when my teacher couldn’t get me out of the writing lab. I joined my newspaper sophomore year, and I’m the Editor-in-Chief now! (Go check it out: neenahsatellite.com) Whenever I’m not reading or writing I usually am watching Netflix or hanging with my friends. #booksisters4ever #punnybesties #leafbae



NEWSPA 2015 Online Publication, Large School, Review: 3rd place

NEWSPA 2015 Student Developed Website Division Large School Site Design Blue Ribbon Honors

NEWSPA 2015 Website not published through journalism class Large School White Ribbon Honors

2015 Proces Poetry Prize for High School- Sophomore division– “Just Remember”

NEWSPA 2016 Newspapers, Website Writing, Large School: 3rd place

NEWSPA 2016 Large School Site Design First Place

NEWSPA 2016 Large School Website Not Published Through a Journalism Class Red Ribbon Honors



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