Shop Review: Wick and Fable

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I just have a problem with shopping, y’all. It’s a real issue, but it does let me share my expertise.

After I tried A Court of Candles, I had to try another candle company for some different books I fell in love with: Caraval and Strange the Dreamer. Luckily, I discovered Wick and Fable! Actually, I bought the Strange the Dreamer candles before I actually read the book. But everything turned out alright because as I was in my day-after book hangover, my candles arrived.

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The Weep candle, to me, smells more like lemons, which I absolutely love. The Game Master candle smells like black licorice. The Isla de los Suenos candle is like fresh linen. These are my simple, non-business-y words to describe what they all smell like, but don’t worry… I’m a pro-sniffer.

I really enjoy the labels on the candles and how each one holds a quote from the book they’re from. Like A Court of Candles (just to use it as a reference) the candles are 100% soy and vegan and eco-friendly.

Wick and Fable isn’t only a candle company: they also make teas! I haven’t had the opportunity yet to try one of their loose-leaf teas, but I got one in a Book Boyfriend Box (review to come for that sub box) that I will try VERY soon.

Check out their website:

And their amazing Insta:


Have you tried any of their products? What do you suggest I do for loose leaf tea? Do you like tea and/or candles? Let me know in the comments below!


Much love, XOXO,

~ A Writer Named Charley~



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