A Classic A Month: April Book Choice


I am 3/3 for finishing my classic books on time for each month! Just a quick recap of the first quarter of the year:

January I read and finished The Little Prince.

February I read and finished The Outsiders.

April I read and finished The Handmaid’s Tale.

Each of these classics have been pretty modern compared to some of the other stories on my list. This month is the month I am going to go crazy and may not finish on time. I have decided to read The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Mainly because I already own the book and I put myself into book buying jail since I just did a book haul at work. I may not finish the book on time, however, because this is the month of preparation for the AP Exam week coming in the first two weeks of May.

Image result for the canterbury tales the illustrated edition

Either way I will tackle this book and finish it before the end of May if I don’t finish it before the end of April. If I don’t finish it, I promise I will get back on track before the end of May because school won’t be as drastic after AP Exams with my college courses.

What book have you chosen for April? Are you liking all these classic reviews I’ve been posting? Do you think I’m crazy for this book choice? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love, XOXO,

~ A Writer Named Charley~



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