Valentine’s Day: OTP Style


How have you all been? I am super excited to bring you this post because it will definitely put you in the Valentine’s Day mood! I’ve teamed up with Turo, a car rental company, to bring you some fun date nights inspired by my favorite fictional OTPs.

Thorn and Rune (Roseblood)

I can already imagine it. A nice stroll around the local town for the morning followed by a nice sit-down lunch at the local coffeeshop. After a nice day in the park, return home to watch a musical cuddled up on the couch together. Unless you can actually play a musical instrument, then you better be giving your significant other a serenade.

Del and Simon (Dissonance)

There’s no other way for this date to happen: bakery and a band. Either pick up a nice bakery item or bring your date to the bakery to start the romance off right. Finish the night with an off-the-beaten-path band in the trendiest place in town. In between can be anything you want because, just like Simons, the possibilities are infinite.

Crys and Farrell (A Book of Spirits and Thieves)

Technically, these two aren’t actually together in their book (that I know of yet… no spoilers!) BUT I still ship it. IT WILL HAPPEN, folks! Anyways, these two will… I mean, would… start with an afternoon date walking around the city taking photos of the scenery (and each other) before returning to dress up all nice and fancy to head to the fanciest restaurant. A side of Crys and a side of Farrell equals the best afternoon date in the world.

Bellamy and Clarke (The 100)

Just take a trip out into the wild and all will be good. Or maybe not. I can definitely see these two, though, heading out for a hiking date to hide out from the chaos of everyday life. They are a power couple despite the official lack of a couple term in the TV show… read the books people. Keep it simple with this date.

Maxon and America (The Selection)

Just read the book and take note of every romantic gesture Maxon makes because Maxon is literally perfect. Okay, fangirl moment over. But seriously, just read how amazing the dates are in this book series.


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you think these OTPs will take some of my tips for their perfect dates? 😉 Tell me in the comments below!

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



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