Jan. 27, 2017 //Day Off//


I am super proud of myself to be so productive on a day off. Today I:

  • wrote a staff editorial for my newspaper
  • wrote (an attempted) humorous column about Valentine’s Day for my newspaper
  • put away some books I used for a speech
  • and put my clothes away

Oh, and I got up after 10 am. And it’s not even 4 pm yet. I really am proud of myself even if you’re not. (I can feel the scrutinizing through the screen.) Just kidding, I know y’all support me. If anyone needs a pick-me-up, then Google “Lupercalia” and read all about early Valentine’s Day. I have a new obsession, I’m pretty sure.

Anyways, my next step is to write some blog posts to keep the scheduled posts bank full. Also, I need to figure out which bookstagram challenge to participate in for February. Here are the ones I’m considering:




I would love to do all of these, really, but time constrains me. I’m thinking I’ll do @bookboyfriendbox challenge for sure because I love all the choices (and the weekly giveaways.). Then, I’ll probably do @lisa_lostinlit and @lostinlit_becca’s challenge because I love to be creative.

Do you have any bookstagram challenges you’re participating in? When was your last day off? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~




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