2016’s Year In Review

Hey hey hey!

2016 is officially over and my blog anniversary is just around the corner. I mean JUST (Jan.3, people!) around the corner.

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I’ve learned a lot about blogging, writing, and life since my very first awkward post. Let’s take a quick look at all I’ve done:

  1. Got a pen pal from India. (Shout out to my girl over at light up the shining night stars!)
  2. Joined Sunday Street Team (Hosted by an amazing blogger Nori!)
  3. Started a bookstagram, which really is scary stuff people.
  4. Written multiple tweets which have been retweeted by ACTUAL AUTHORS!
  5. Started a (semi) monthly Twitter chat with Iridescence called #BlogRechargeChat. (Sometimes we get busy with school and it’s not every month. Sorry, December.)
  6. And the Twitter chat led to a complete re-branding of my blog which I initially hastily threw together for you guys! (Man, the re-branding was stressful!)
  7. Started a (usually) weekly Storytime Sunday. (Sorry school got busy. I’ll try to be better about this and update the page in the new year!)
  8. Started a Wattpad account where I share a lot of what I already posted on here, but also some exclusive Wattpad writings (like Isthyene).

And I know I can’t list all of you because it would take forever, but I truly am inspired by all of my blogging buds and those who join Iridescence and I for the monthly Twitter chats. You have all become a second family for me through the Internet. A lot of people can look down at us, especially with the crappy year the book community has had through turmoil and arguments. This year will be amazing and full of diversity, but most important of all, I feel like we will finally pull back together to become the best book community ever. (Even if there only is one book community.)

Now… let’s look at some final stats for this year:

Top Post: 13 likes

Book Review

Top Review: 13 likes… and coincides with my top tweet/top post of 2016!

Book Review

Top Poem:

BrotherhoodofCarsStorm rolls

Top Short Story/Prose:

Bottled Moonlight: Part One

Top Regular Life Post:

June 11, 2016:#BFestBuzz + News!

Blog Followers:

I never imagined reaching over 100 followers with my blog. Proudly, I announce a grand total of 144 followers of A Writer Named Charley. Thank you so much for creating a community of writers and readers within this small space on the Internet. To 2017!

Twitter Followers:

Officially, I have 299 followers on Twitter. Plus, I also have the chat (#BlogRechargeChat) where numerous people join in from far and wide.

Top Tweet:

Pinterest Followers:

I am proud to present 27 followers on my Pinterest account. I’m not as active here as I used to be because of school, but I hope to become better in the new year.

Instagram Followers:

My bookstagram holds 55 followers and 100 posts total! (As of Dec. 26) When I began the bookstagram in June, I (once again) never imagined having more than 25 or 50 followers. Thank you all! If you aren’t following, make sure to hit that follow button to discover my creativity!

Top Bookstagram Picture:


Wattpad Followers:

A grand total of…6 followers! Seriously, though, people… go and follow my Wattpad for exclusive stories, like Isthyene and Rose Meadow.

Top Wattpad Story:

The Poetic Anthology of A Writer Named Charley by AWriterNamedCharley



Pulling in a total of 23 votes, my collection of poems (originally posted here) ranks #1 from my works on Wattpad.





Thank you all for making this a phenomenal year! I cannot wait for 2017 to blow us all away with books, writings, and love.

What do you hope to see in the next year? Any books/movies/shows that is a MUST for a review? Any writing ideas you want me to unfold? Hit me up in the comments below!

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~




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