A Classic A Month Challenge 2017



I am super excited to announce this challenge to everyone for multiple reasons. First of all, I have always wanted to get into reading more classic novels to expand my horizons. Unfortunately, I don’t read many except during the school year for grades. I thought it would be exciting and tons of fun to host a year-long challenge, low-key challenge for everyone to read some more classic novels.

To make sure everyone can participate, I am opening this up to anyone who wants to participate. You do not have to run a blog or website or anything. NADA. All that I ask is that you create your posts on some sort of social media website, such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. You can read other classic books than I have listed below, but they still need to be classics.

There will be 13 posts in total that you can link up to here on A Writer Named Charley. To sweeten the deal, I will also be giving away a book of choice from the Book Depository worth up to $20 USD. The giveaway is open to countries as long as TBD ships to you!


Jan. 1-7: Sign-ups open!

Jan. 8: Introductory post: What books are you planning to read for the challenge? Which book are you reading for January?

Feb/Mar/Apr/May/Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec 1: Post a little review of last month’s book and a preview of this month’s book!

Dec. 31: Wrap-up post: How did your classic challenge go? Did you read all of them? Which was your favorite?

Make sure to link up to get entered into the drawing at the end of the year! I can’t wait to dive into these classics with everyone this year. Here’s to a successful year of reading!


Sign-up and read!

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Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



9 thoughts on “A Classic A Month Challenge 2017

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