Poem: Earth’s Love

Earth's Love.png

She pulled me in

with her gravity

when I lay beside her

I saw the stars and galaxies beyond

the possibilities of our love

lay endless before me

a never-ending luscious field

full of love and hidden craters

keeping secrets of abundance flowing


I stepped into that lovely meadow

and grabbed a fist of grass.

I pulled her closer,

never getting quite enough,

always wanting more

thinking her love endless

but never returning enough love to her

until it became too late


I drained her of her black richness

the silky smoothness which gave her a glow

now forever burnt up into her breath.

I climbed up trees to see her crown of stars

but toppled them down instead.

I moved faster, pouring her black richness back down,

to reach her every crevice and nook of her body,

but all I returned to was a burnt ember

of her once Christmas tree soul.


She pulled me in with her gravity

and saw all our possibilities

but never did I see

the destruction happening right in front of me.




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