October 19, 2016//Lots of School

Where Do You Find Me?Hello there!

I have been away for awhile now, and my scheduled posts are starting to run out. I figured by the time the posts ran out, I would be right behind it with lots of new reviews and pieces of writing. But I’m not. I am faced right now with two options:

  1. Write personal posts and continue the occasional posts of reviews and writings.
  2. Start posting my school stuff.

During the summer, I actually did begin posting some of the essays I wrote for English class. At the beginning of my blogging year, I posted a few articles and reviews I wrote from my school newspaper, Satellite. Now I have written a few essays for my English class, and by a few I mean three. Two of them were timed writings (having a certain number of minutes, usually an hour, to write a full essay from a prompt) and I only enjoy one of them. I think I’ll show you guys the draft of my latest timed writing essay about two poems called “Forgetfulness” eventually. Hopefully, I can read some more books to review as I have a few long weekends arriving soon.

What would you like to see? I’m really trying to save up some energy to continue blogging, even occasionally. Thank you for tagging along.


Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



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