#BlogRechargeChat final verdicts – September ’16

Thanks Iridescence for doing the wrap-up for this month’s Blog Recharge Chat! Check it out, people! (Also, peruse the rest of her blog because it’s amazing.)

light up the shining night stars

blog recharge chat final verdicts

Another twitter chat has gone by! In case you’re now here, let me explain.

Charley and I hosted out first twitter chat with the hashtag #BlogRechargeChat back in June and due to so many requests, we made it a regular feature!

This month’s theme of the chat was blog posts. As usual, I will be saying the final, majority answers for the questions as a closure, and hopefully it will help all of you who haven’t participated in the chat as well!

Q1. How often do you publish a post?

There were a variety of answers for this one, as expected. Everyone’s schedules are different.

We found that Jamie (@booksandladders) is a blogging queen. She publishes a post everyday and also manages THREE blogs. How awesome in that?! She shared a post of hers about organising which was SUPER helpful. Here is the link to it.

Q2. Do you publish…

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