Sept. 10, 2016: Personality Types// Deeper Thoughts Than I Planned

Hello there!

As you may have realized, September 1 came and passed. And now, school has started for me. I’m in my senior year of high school, and I get to take a lot of fun classes… okay, just a few fun classes. One of those fun classes is my Introduction to Education-Career class. It’s mainly a classroom class, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays we go to a different school for classroom observation.

Anyways, in my Introduction to Education-Career class (I’ll just call it Intro to Ed from now on.) this past week we were talking about learning styles. We took quizzes and discussed our learning styles and how it impacted the classroom when we teach. On Friday my teacher told us to take a Myers-Briggs personality quiz for homework. Naturally, I had taken one years ago in middle school, but I wanted to try it again as a senior in high school. (I like to deceive myself and tell myself I’ve changed.)

What’s my personality type?

INFJ-T. This means, according to, I’m an Advocate personality type. To be specific, here’s a picture of my charts from the quiz I took. (Super quick too.) I found Screenshot 2016-09-10 at 10.29.23 PM.pngit really interesting to see the percentages of my personality along with the explanations to follow. They even give you examples of famous similar personality types. (See picture below.) As I read through the explanations for the below:

Screenshot 2016-09-10 at 10.31.20 PM.png

Nobody tells us our differences are great, though. People see differences nowadays and see distrust and chaos. Our differences make us who we are as a community and a country. Without our differences, the world we be a pretty boring place. Just take Across the Universe for example. Everybody looked alike and lived a boring life. Do we want that in America? No. Nobody wants that ever. Differences were made for a reason. So let’s embrace it, not distinguish a further gap between everybody by trying to prove that one characteristic defines us. As humans, we are made up of multiple characteristics to form one human being. And those characteristics mingle with other ones.

I know America, and the world, isn’t perfect. Not even nearly. But, if we can come together as humans instead of separating ourselves by imaginary, social boundaries created for some insane reason, then it’s all good. Get those boundaries out of your head. That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned as an introvert. Go outside those boundaries and gain a world of insight into other, different people’s lives. I’m sure you’ll be amazed.


Well, this post went a completely different way than I intended it to go yesterday when I started it. But, I guess that’s why this is a personal, rambling post instead of something else more professional. Psh.. what am I kidding? I always ramble. Anyways, really think about this post. Make sure to share it with friends and family (or at least the ideas).

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. (I know… no leading questions.)


Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



4 thoughts on “Sept. 10, 2016: Personality Types// Deeper Thoughts Than I Planned

  1. I’m an INFJ too! Although I’ve never seen the test with that extra letter at the end, so I don’t know what mine would be. Myers-Briggs has been fascinating to me for years primarily because it’s the only test like this where I’ve actually felt like the results fit me. I really do identify with what’s written about INFJs, and for some reason, that makes it fascinating to read that stuff.

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