Writers Write All: Outliners V. Pantsers

Writers Write AllHello there!

Here is your wonderful host of this blog hop: Charley.

A quick intro to the series:

I started this series in order to give writers a chance to share their advice and to get new ideas on how to write! This is a week long series across numerous blogs and numerous topics. Some bloggers are published authors, as well! For a quick overview of the series look here.

Now onto the real reason you’re here:

Two of the most famous types of writers: outliner: (n.) the type of writer who plans out their story and characters to the inclinations of their tones before writing one letter into their story or pantser: (n.) the type of writer who simply sits down in their pants and write a brilliant story without plotting a single second of their life.  The debate between which one new writers should be could probably be tracked back generations and generations (but, really, who is going to record that?) Today, I am here to tell you we can all be friends.

Well, because we all write in our own unique ways. To be honest, these categories can blur for some writers, i.e. me. But here are some pros to both types:


You guys are seriously da bomb.com. While there are multiple levels of outlining from doing a simple character sketch to knowing their deepest fears and drawing a map of your world, outliners sit down and really get to know their piece before continuing.

Recently, I became an outliner. After a long discussion with a friend of mine, I realized doing a brief outline of a story before actually starting the story was okay! I didn’t have to necessarily write out chapter by chapter, but I could develop the characters, their qualities, the world, the rules, etc. I quickly expanded the simple outline to Pinterest inspiration boards and playlists to listen to while writing to get me in the tone and feeling of the story. How do you outline your stories?


A moment of applause for you Pantsers. Seriously! How do you do it? You guys sit down and simply write with the beginning of an idea forming in your mind. Stephen King is one of the most famous pantser in the writing community. He writes a book in a span of a few months, but his mind is always on with new ideas for books.

Many pantsers keep a notebook or notepad with them at all times for when inspiration strikes (whether it be on the road or in the middle of an important event) in order to write down the first chapter of their new story. If a pantser were to miraculously write an outline they would quickly begin to stray from it as the characters take hold of the story themselves, as many pantsers like to describe their writing experiences.


But I don’t fit into either one, exactly!

Let me tell you: NEITHER DO I! While I did just begin creating outlines, inspiration boards, and playlists, I find myself straying from the outline simply to come back later on. This is how we can all be friends. Being the perfect mix of both outlining and sitting down and writing when inspiration strikes, in-betweeners can create some of the most beautiful stories yet! We don’t feel afraid to mix up our writing routine when one becomes old and crusty.


Which type of writer are you? Can you categorize any favorite authors into the three categories? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, keep your eyes open for tomorrow’s post on Books and Photographs!

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



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