Storytime Sunday #10


Storytime Sunday is a weekly event hosted by A Writer Named Charley. Anyone can join! Simply do the following:

  • Read the new writing prompt.
  • Write from the prompt.
  • Feature the piece on your blog or submit to before midnight on Friday!
    • Make sure to use the image!
  • Share, read, and repeat on Sunday with #StorytimeSundayWriter!

Last Week’s Prompt:


Author: Charley

Title: Carry Me Away

Song: When It’s All Over by RAIGN


The voices in the distance

they call to me

dark clouds come

cling to me

darkness muffles my cries

grief overpowers me

wrenches my body



humidity fills the air

coats my lungs

weigh me down

grief chokes me

not a tear or sob

escapes me

my face


when I see my grief

Oh, I can’t wait

until the rainstorm

comes to carry me away





choke me

drown me

carry me away

in your purifying rain

Next Week’s Prompt: Sunday, September 4, 2016

week 10



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