Behind The Story… WHAT??

Behind The Story.jpg

Hello again!

I would like to announce a wonderful opportunity for all of YOU! Yes, you!

If you couldn’t tell from the graphic on the left, I would like to give you a chance to ask some questions you may have about pieces I’ve written and shared on here. This coming Friday, I will begin sharing a short story I wrote this summer called Bottled Moonlight. I spent the majority of the end half of my summer writing it, and finally feel like I could share it on here. At the end of the eight-part story, I will share a “Behind the Story” for how I became inspired for the story, the process, and the end. I share everything in-between as well.

I realized a lot of people find themselves wanting to be writers, or holding writers up higher than themselves. This series, though, is to show that writers and official authors are just like the rest of us. (Notice I placed myself in the same group?) I want to show you guys that YOU TOO can become inspired and write a story or a poem.

So… how do you get the piece you want featured on here? Well… there’s two options:

  1. Comment on this post with the title of the piece of writing you want to know more about.
  2. Comment on the Writing Index with the title you would like to learn more about.

If there is a specific part or question you would like to know/have answered, let me know that too! I will try to post one of this feature the last Friday of every month after the initial posting.

I am truly excited to share this part of the writing process with you! I cannot wait to see all of your responses!

Are you excited for this feature? What pieces would you like to know more about? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



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