#BlogRechargeChat Wrap-Up: Graphics Edition


Hello again!

Welcome to the third edition of #BlogRechargeChat Wrap-up! I am still absolutely overjoyed each time I get to add up a number!

A quick backstory:

In June of 2016 (this year still!) Iridescence from light up the shining night stars and myself decided to co-host our very first Twitter chat! It took off from there with making the Blog Recharge Chat a monthly occurrence. In the third edition of the chat, we discussed blog graphics!

Here’s what happened:


Q1: Share your favorite program to use for designing your blog’s graphics.

People used a variety of programs from BeFunky to Canva to Photoshop to Illustrator!

Q2: Do you take pictures for your blog or do you use stock photos?

Q3: Do you design a different graphic for each social media platform? (Twitter, FB, Pinterest, IG, etc.)

Q4: Mention one blog with an AWESOME header photo.

For real! Go check out her blog! She just redid everything! And I mean EVERYTHING!

Q5: Do you like when a blog post has graphics for section headers?

I recommended Paper Fury because she does a wonderful job with section headers to make it flow nicely!

Q6: Mention one blog with a fantastic featured photo graphics.

Q7: Do you prefer a graphic to flow with text in a post or stand out in the center?

Q8: Do you like it when a blog post has gifs in it? Share your favorite gif?

Q9: Mention your favorite, gif-user blogger.

Q10: Do you prefer a blogger to use the same background/font in each graphic or to change it up?

Quotes I Liked and Want As Stickers:


Thank you for making Blog Recharge Chat a monthly event on Twitter! Continue to follow me and @mebeingquixotic there for updates! If you want notifications before anyone else, comment below “VIP Group” and I will add you to the Twitter group we have going!

What would you like to see for next month’s chat? Do you like the “Mention someone who…” questions? What did you enjoy most about this month’s chat? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~





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