Poetry: Brotherhood of Cars


Reverse the driveway

fast forward the interstate

a dance like none other

pass in and out

weave our roars together

create a blur of colors

for the sky above

rolled down windows

shout out lyrics and notes

each a particle for the road’s great symphony

the notes pull the air in and out

of open spaces

mingling one soul with another

ease open the brain’s stuck door

until it, too, roars within the symphony:

yellow dashes and red lights

blink blink blink

orchestrate the symphony

but also

yellow lines

solid to dashed to back again

red lights

blink blink





a morse code language

tell our deep thoughts

act out desires hidden away

between the cushions of the back seat

yearn to break the limits of speed

lose control of ourselves

bright colors blur

a rainbow against the background

identical engines

no matter the emblem


branch off

fast forward driveway

rewind interstate

but our brotherhood

forever leaves a mark

in the worn down tires.





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