My Life: Preparing for Senior Year Edition

Hello there!

It has been a super, crazy long time since I’ve shared a personal post with everybody. And it will probably be another super long time until another one comes around.

Luckily, I have the rest of the week off to focus on my blog, reading, and writing. So, a catch-up time:

A few weeks ago I got my wisdom teeth removed. The procedure was pretty painless and the recovery lasted about a week. I still have some difficulty eating certain foods or eating quickly, but all is going well in that aspect!

My summer job has been winding down, but I have been working crazy long hours. Like 10 hour days where I have to wake up at 5:30 am. My last day for that is on August 30, but the very next day I start my school year job again. I’m not sure if I’m going to take the job for next summer if they offer because I put so many emotions into that job and I always feel worn down. Perhaps I can try doing retail or in a bookshop? We shall see.

I got accepted into college! I am proud to announce I will be going to Lakeland University in Wisconsin in the fall of 2017, after I graduate from high school. It was a bit of a hassle with my guidance counselor in order to apply, but I finally did it! And all my hard work is paying off.

I will begin my senior year of high school this 2016-17 year! I have so many responsibilities, though, with my job, assistant volleyball coach, editor in chief for newspaper, and numerous church positions. I truly hope I can keep up with it all!

I’ve been thinking about the blog… I started it at the end of last school year. I really want to keep it going this school year as well. Hopefully all will go well, but if I find myself falling behind I may have to find a co-blogger. (Or take a break from it, but I really love it too much to do so.)

What have you been preparing for at the end of summer? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “My Life: Preparing for Senior Year Edition

  1. Ahhhh!! You are going to have such a fantastic year! It sounds like everything is falling into place for you and it just seems so exciting! Blogging is one of those things that will always be there. Enjoy this last year! 🙂

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