Storytime Sunday #8


Storytime Sunday is a weekly event hosted by A Writer Named Charley. Anyone can join! Just do the following:

  • Write from the NEW writing prompt. (May be stated as “Next Week’s”)
  • Feature the piece on your blog or submit to before midnight on Friday!
    • Make sure to use the image above!
  • Share, read, and repeat on Sunday with #StorytimeSundayWriter on social media!

Last Week’s Prompt:


Author: Charley

Title: Strangers, Not Friends


We used to be friends

at least, that’s what everybody says

We used to be friends

but now we’re strangers

the memories float back

from a simpler time

before all the exhaustion

before all the problems

I couldn’t keep my eyes away

not for a second

Now I pass you on an empty street

and don’t even recognize you

The girl I used to know is no longer there

The boy I used to be is hiding

somewhere inside me

These memories float back

every once in a while

I shove them back in

to the crevices of my mind

Never again will I make the mistake

for you to be my friend

Now we’re no longer friends

we’re strangers with memories.

Next Week’s Prompt:


I know this looks weird BUT just write a piece based on the picture in the graphic above. You can also find it on my Pinterest board here if you wish to see it up closer.


Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~




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