#BlogRechargeChat No.2 Wrap-Up


Hello there!

Welcome to the second edition of #BlogRechargeChat Wrap Up News!

For those you who may not know, in June Iridescence from light up the shining night stars and I co-hosted our first Twitter chat. Due to the overwhelming response for wanting another one, we both decided to make it a monthly Twitter chat. The second edition of #BlogRechargeChat we talked about social media.

Here’s the rundown:

Throughout the chat Iridescence and I alternated posting questions.

Q1: Mention the social media networks you think are important for a blogger.

Many people said Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as their top social media platforms.

Q2: How much time (roughly) do you spend on social media for your blog everyday?

I just loved this answer. In reality, a lot of the chatters spent about half an hour on social media every day.

Q3: Do you frequently juggle between blog and personal accounts or do you have only blog in some networks?


Q4: Do you expect a follow back if you follow someone on Twitter or Instagram?

Q5: What are your views on booktube+blog? Would you follow both?

Also, I recommended watching PolandBananasBooks. She is hilarious and full of energy with everything she does in her videos. They may be long-ish, but she keeps you entertained until the last second.

Q6: How often would you like to see Instagram posts (once a day, few days, etc)?

Q7: How do you feel about seeing multiple/frequent giveaway/sfs pictures on IG? Will you unfollow?

Q8: If you follow a blog through email, would you mind if the blogger contacted you anytime about something?

Q9: Would you prefer if bloggers add social media links at the end of every blog post? What if social media icons are in the sidebar?

We got mixed responses for this question, which I found interesting. Personally, I believe it depends on the blogger. For me, I recently started adding a picture for you to click on to take you to a post of all my social media.

Q10: Anything else you’d like to ask/say to continue the conversation?

We had a variety of questions from this final question asking about Bloglovin’ and other social media platforms.

Thank you all for making #BlogRechargeChat become a monthly event and for participating. I love creating a small family on Twitter and connecting us all together. Stay tuned for more information on next month’s Twitter chat.

What would you like to see/discuss in upcoming #BlogRechargeChat discussions? What did you enjoy the most about this month’s chat?

Much love, XOXO,

~ A Writer Named Charley~



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