Movie Fangirl Blog Award



  1. Write a brief introduction and acceptance speech for the award.
  2. Add the award button (above) to your post.
  3. Answer the questions I have written below.
  4. Nominate 5 – 10 Fangirly/Movie blogs to answer your questions who you think deserve the award.
  5. Come up with your own questions for your nominees.
  6.  Add a pingback to this post, so I can see all your answers and thoughts! (Optional)



Thank you Anna Regina from Diversion 3000 for nominating me for this wonderful blog tag/award! I am usually horrible at these tags, but the questions are wonderful for this tag! I’m not one for lengthy speeches (except in Speech class), so let’s hop to it.


Do you read the book first and then watch the movie or watch the movie first then read the book?

It really depends. Sometimes I watch a movie and then discover it’s a book, like all the Nicholas Sparks movies. Then I will go back and read the book and perhaps re-watch the movie. I did this with Dear John, for example. Other times I will see a movie trailer and try to read the book before the movie comes out, like Me Before You. Generally, though, I try to read the book before the movie.

What’s your favorite Movie Saga?

Oh boy. I’m not much of a movie saga person. And I don’t like Star Wars *hides away from the world* so I can’t say that for my answer. Umm… I don’t have one? Is that an answer? Ha ha ha… I kind of like the Twilight movies but they were different from the books. I guess, I’ll go with Harry Potter since I liked those. But I was trying to think of one that was not based off a book series. Man, that one got me.

What’s your favorite movie character of all time?

Does it have to be an actual live action character? Because I think mine is probably Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.

Favorite movie scene from your favorite movie.

I have more than a few favorite movies… my first one being Phantom of the Opera.

Next is Beauty and the Beast…

My next favorite movie is Pearl Harbor… BUT there’s not ONE specific part in the movie I like more than others. So I’ll leave it at these two scenes.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a Fangirl do you think you are?

I don’t think I’m as much of a Fangirl as some of my other friends or bloggers. I’d probably rank myself at a… 7 or 8. I care deeply about my fandoms, but it’s not a tragedy/my life is going to end if something terrible happens. Sometimes I may cry.

Iridescence from Light Up The Shining Night Stars

Candid Cover

Shannon from Clockwork Bibliophile

Brianna AND Angelina from Fable’s Library


Here are YOUR questions!

I’m going to keep some of the same ones, since I loved them so much, for you to answer!

Do you read the book before the movie or vice versa?

Name your top three favorite book to movie adaptations and why.

What is your favorite movie scene?

What is your favorite 80s movie and why?

What genre of movies do you prefer (action, adventure, mystery, rom-com, etc.)?


I hope you all have fun answering these questions like I did! I cannot wait to see your answers. Remember to pingback or link in the comments your answers!

For the rest of y’all, what are some of your answers to any of the above questions? Did you like this book tag? Let me know in the comments.


Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~








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