BBCP Team Teal: Aesthetic Addict #1

Hello there!

I would like to announce to you a wonderful new feature on my blog (and many other blogs): Aesthetic Addict.

What is BBCP?

BBCP stands for Book Blogger Creativity Project. Nori from Read Write Love 28 began this project to help herself and other bloggers out of blogging slumps. Each year (This is the second year she’s done it.) Nori places about 75 bloggers into groups of 6 to form new friendships and create a new blog feature.

This year is, obviously, my first yearΒ  doing BBCP, and I am so lucky to have been placed with amazing bloggers!

Check out their Aesthetic Addict posts by clicking on their name below:

Jamie @ Books and Ladders

Mariam K @ Flying Through Fiction

Nori @ Read Write Love 28

Library Luv @ Beyond the Book Reviews

Wren @ The Litaku

We chose to do aesthetics for a certain genre of books for six months. July we chose to do Contemporary fiction novels. Last month, if you were around my Twitter and Instagram, youΒ may have seen me fall in love with Hello? by Liza Wiemer. Not only did I grow close to the characters, but I also grew close to the author. I am honored to present to you an aesthetic from Hello?.


I love this quote/scene from the book which is why I chose to make it into the aesthetic. Be on the lookout for the review coming soon!

Bonus Aesthetic:


I fell in love with these two so much, as well, that I couldn’t NOT make them an aesthetic.

I hope you enjoyed these two aesthetics! Next month look out for more the second Monday of the month!


What do you think of my very first aesthetics? Like the quotes?

Much Love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~






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