July 6, 2016: Where Will I Be?

Hello there!

I am some very exciting (for me) and sad (for you, hopefully) news to share today. The rest of this week until Sunday night I will be on my family vacation at Lifest. Why am I telling you this? Well, I won’t be as active on here with responding to comments or posting on social media due to having no internet unless I want to pay for it. (It’s like $5 an hour. That’s expensive for little ‘ole broke me. 😦 )

Fortunately, I schedule my posts in advance for times like these where I won’t be home to post. Last night I stayed up until after midnight to write the Storytime Sunday post, so I am sorry if you were planning on sending me a submission. It won’t be there because I had to schedule it by last night. Also sorry if there are major typos or the story doesn’t make sense, it was late. I just wrote it quick in like half an hour to an hour or so. (This post probably isn’t making much sense either because I only had 5 solid hours of sleep.)

Everything should run smoothly in regards to content and posts being regular. If I do have good service I might use my data to respond to some comments (thank goodness for unlimited) but do not plan on it. *yikes*

I think that’s about it. Sorry if this seems mean. I am in a super rush just waiting for my parents to come back with our NEW CAMPER! Just in time for camping at Lifest. Thank you all for loving life and loving this blog. I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. (If you’re not from America, then I hope you had a great weekend anyways.)

What are you guys doing this week? Any cool books that you’re reading? (Check my bookstagram for what I am reading!)


Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~

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