Poem: Regret Life Sweetie

Regret Life Sweeite

A stack of empty notecards

gel pens left untouched

dust settles upon the desk.

A ripped enveloped

with a sliver of a letter peeking out.

“We regret…”

a pile beneath

“We regret…”

“We regret…”



regret regret regret

fills the bedroom

of a once dream-bound girl

determined to be a woman of worth.

We We We

regret regret regret

“Life goes on, sweetie.”

Life goes… sweetie

Life sweetie

Regret… Life….Sweetie…

Sweetie regrets her life

determined to be a girl forever

laying face up towards her dreams

dreams left untouched

a sliver of a note peeking out

on one full notecard.


This poem came to me through my stress the night before my AP United States History exam. Stress in high school is a major issue, and it shouldn’t be. I am not suicidal, and I know how to handle my stress (Writing and watching TV). Sometimes, however, people do not know how to control their stress which leads to dark paths. Personally, I put a ton of pressure on myself about my future because I am always looking forwards. Sometimes, though, we need to look at the now. What is beneficial now? I would love for this poem to be spread around the internet to create a knowledge about society’s stresses and their impacts on all ages. Thank you!


Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~




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