YA Love- Love For Young Adult Books from All Ages~

I love that someone was finally brave enough to say these words. Also, check out the awesome book bloggers mentioned.

Fables Library

Dear world,

Can we take a moment here, a breather. A break from your regularly scheduled program to listen… er… read a rant on Fable’s Library?


But this isn’t REALLY a rant, it’s more of a motivational speech using gifs and a lot of emotions 😀 😦 😛 XD

Angelina and I have been book bloggers for 2-3 years now (we don’t remember if it’s been 2 or 3, don’t judge XD) and every so often an article pops up that gets a TON of book bloggers angry, and I DO mean angry. People keep writing articles on topics like, Why Adults Shouldn’t Read YA, or YA isn’t a genre, or YA is Adults Books Pretending to be for Younger Audiences and blah blah blah.

*YA means Young Adult…in case you don’t know that.

But here is the deal, why isn’t YA a genre, but Adult and Middle Grade are?…

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9 thoughts on “YA Love- Love For Young Adult Books from All Ages~

  1. I can’t stand those articles. They are just trying to shame people. For years I refused to read YA (even though I loved it) because I was told I was too old. Screw that! eventually it became a guilty pleasure. I didn’t tell people, afraid they would judge me. But really, who cares? I love YA and I basically should it from the roof tops now!

    I haven’t personally read the articles where people claim YA isn’t a genre. That seems silly.

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