Six Months Wrap-Up

Hey there!

I cannot believe yesterday, June 3, marked my blog’s six month anniversary of existing on the Internet. My mind is blown! A Writer Named Charley changed formats and content about three different times, at least, before settling on what it is today: a lifestyle, book loving, crazy person blog. (The last adjective is every other day. 🙂 )

Thank Yous:


I would like to thank the followers I had from my very first day, and the followers who have joined in along the way. Each and every one of you help make this blog what it is today. While some of you are more silent followers than others, I would not have reached over 50 followers without you. If you were here at my one month blog-iversary, then you will know how awkward I was at the beginning. I had 15 followers and a semi-okay Twitter. Thank you for sticking along as I figure out this blog trial-and-error version.

The Stats:

January:                                                       February:

Posts: 34                                                                      Posts: 17

Likes: 67                                                                      Likes: 38

Comments: 4                                                             Comments: 0

March:                                                         April:

Posts: 18                                                                     Posts: 17

Likes: 61                                                                      Likes: 64

Comments: 8                                                            Comments: 25

May:                                                            June: (as of June 4)

Posts: 24                                                                   Posts: 4

Likes: 97                                                                   Likes: 11

Comments: 58                                                       Comments: 8

The Best Stuff:

Review: Before Goodbye

Poem: The Storm Rolls

Review: Dear John

Poetry: A Mother’s Love

Mini-Review: Since You’ve Been Gone

What I’ve Done:

When I began this blog… no, let’s not go there again.

I just recently did my “summer plans” blog post. This summer will be a blast! With this summer comes more plans for the blog, however, and looking back on what I have already started doing. I began a bookstagram a few days ago, but the response on it is phenomenal! Check out the few book pictures here. I am currently switching between three monthly challenges in order to get some pictures started. Also, this upcoming Sunday we have our very first guest blogger! I am super excited for it, and hope to have even more guest bloggers in the future. (Did you know you didn’t need a blog in order to guest post on here? Just let me know if you want to do it!) Finally, in one of the upcoming reviews (It really does narrow down the posts.) I will be hosting my VERY FIRST giveaway! I cannot wait to see how it goes!

OH! Almost forgot about the Twitter chat I am partnering with Iridescence from light up the shining night stars in order to jumpstart our Twitter chat careers! I cannot wait to share more information with you in a few days, hopefully!

 What I Hope to Do:

I simply want one thing: to continue to grow as a blog. I think I am pretty much set on where I need to be expanded to for a blogger right now.

Where would you like to see me continue to grow in? Would you like to help me get there, somehow? What is your favorite post/type of post so far on the blog? I would LOVE to hear from you! (Even those normally silent ones!)


Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~


Twitter/IG/GR: writercharley


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