June 2, 2016: Summertime Plans

Hey hey hey!

School is officially out for me! My besties had their last day of school last week Friday, but sadly we did not get to hang out.

I am super excited for this upcoming summer! I am kinda a senior in high school (I’m not a junior anymore!) and that alone is exciting news. My plans for this summer are big-ish!


  1. Job: I am babysitting an 8-year-old girl this summer for four days a week. But each day is a lot of money! Plus, I get to do a lot of fun things with her (which I am about to schedule out after I catch up on the blog). This summer will be all about saving up for college in a year or so. I cannot believe I got this amazing job, and I am a little nervous to be honest. What if I mess it up on the first day? YIKES!
  2. BBCP: AKA Book Blogger Creativity Project! Over on Nori’s blog she is holding her second annual project. Luckily, I get to participate with dozens of other book bloggers to boost the community’s spirits and connect with other bloggers! I will be posting on here about whatever news I can share along with our project! (I am Team Teal if you would like to check it out on Nori’s blog!)
  3. Bookstagram: Yes, you read that correctly. I am crossing my fingers and blowing on all the dandelions I can blow on for hope that I can start a book Instagram this summer. I keep seeing all these wonderful pictures from other bloggers/authors, and I really want to jump on board!
  4. Blog: I hope to participate in more weekly/monthly memes or challenges on the blog to broaden my abilities. Perhaps I’ll take another WordPress online class like I did a few weeks ago. I definitely hope to schedule more posts, as I’m running out of scheduled posts. Also, I’m hoping to get more guest bloggers over here! (FYI: You don’t need a home blog to guest blog on my blog!)
  5. Book/TV/Movie: I really need time to catch up on my tv shows. (I.e. Containment, The Vampire Diaries, Young and Hungry, etc.) Also, books are a thing still. This school year I haven’t had time to read any of the books that came out this year. It super saddens me, but SUMMER HAS ARRIVED!
  6. Twitter: I have been sitting on the idea of doing a Twitter chat for a month or so, and I really think I would be willing to do it this summer.

Any tips about starting a bookstagram? Anything you would like to see me do on the blog? Who would like to host a Twitter chat with me/help me start one? What are your plans for this summer?


Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



4 thoughts on “June 2, 2016: Summertime Plans

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