Mini-Review: Since You’ve Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone holds a special place in my musical heart for the amazing music the characters opened me up to. I love books that incorporate music into their storyline, and Since You’ve Been Gone does this so well it seemed natural.


This review is a “mini-review” because I do not have much to say about the book. The book drew me in until the last 50 pages or so. There was so much suspense and build up to the end, but when I reached it, it felt anti-climatic. (Which pains my heart to say so.) I believe Emily did not need to find Sloane at the end of the book, but she did. I thought the concept of the entire story was about becoming your own person not in the shadow of someone else, which Emily did. She did very brilliantly, but then she didn’t. Emily did stand up to Sloane wanting to go back to normal, but Sloane’s character just was not sitting well with me. She felt pushy and like a horrible friend, to be honest. Their relationship was not a good one. This friendship is basically what ruined the book for me because friendship is more than just hanging out with someone all the time. But that is for another post.


I did create a long playlist of all the mixes from the book, so feel free to enjoy! (It’s on Spotify.)



3 thoughts on “Mini-Review: Since You’ve Been Gone

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