May 29, 2016: Camping Trip #1

Hello there!

I write this post amidst no wifi and spotty 3G on the road to a flea market. Wonderful, right? 

My family always goes camping every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend, so no wifi or cell service (Yes, I am writing this post on my cell phone.) is normal to me. 🙂

I came up to the campground  (about 1 hour away from home) Thursday night. Sadly, it rained more than sunshine from above, but yesterday afternoon the sun came out. My mom and I went canoeing and buzzed around on the golf cart. Throughout yesterday afternoon my shoulders burnt. If I could upload a picture right now I would show you. (We’ll see about it later.)

As I said earlier, right this moment my family and I are headed to the flea market. Rain, however, once again looms over our heads threatening to pour down and ruin the day. I still want ice cream today. Ha ha ha.

What are you all doing special this Memorial Day weekend? If you’re not in the United States, what are you doing this weekend?

Much love, XOXO,

-A Writer Named Charley-



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