May 25, 2016: My Mod Podge Life


I apologize in advance for the lack of connection between all of the events in this post. 🙂

As you may know, or not, I like books. I love them in fact, so I like it when I win giveaways. A few days ago I won a giveaway for a choice of a book from a person’s BEA (Book Expo America) book haul. I chose Caraval by Stephanie Garber. Well, the lovely woman giving me this wonderful choice happens to be the author Liza M. Wiemer. Haven’t heard of her? Check out her debut novel: Hello? Anyways, we got to talking via email and discovered we were both Wisconsinites! How cool is that, in itself? The author, Liza, offered to not only send me a copy of Caraval, but also a copy of her debut novel, Hello?. How amazing is that?? Want to check her out? Find her info here.

Next story of the day: I sent some ARC requests to Abrams publishing company, not expecting to receive all of the requested books. (I had 6.) But guess what?? I did. I am getting all the ARC books I requested, two of which are by A.G. Howard, author of the Splintered trilogy. I absolutely adore all of her books, and I am exuberant to be receiving two of her newest novels! (Keep a lookout for these reviews this summer.)

Final story of the day: My friend, Callie, (Not Cal… Callie. I know it’s a little confusing but they’re both amazing girls.) has two YouTube channels! One for vlogging/book talks and another for gaming. I’m not that big into gaming, but yesterday she hit 900 followers on it! (Are you big into gaming? Then check out this channel: classycal.) Isn’t that such great news? I don’t care who you are, or what you care about, hearing some hit 900 followers on a YouTube channel is the best news around! (If you love her voice, check out her other channel: callieoffthecuff.) Hit her up with some subscribers and follows!

What has been most exciting about your week? I want to hear about it!!


Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



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