Review: The 100 S.3 Part 1 Finale

Last night’s episode of The 100 created chaos for the fandom right before part two of the season finale. The past season finales were notorious for creating crazy feelings for the fandom, and this finale is right up there with the others.

Personally, I loved the episode. How could you not? King Roan is back. Bellarke moments occurred about every ten minutes. It was glorious!

Many viewers, as I looked through the Twitter feed, did not like some specific parts of the episode, which I will get to later. First of all, though, can we talk about the Bellarke moments??

Bellamy and Clarke supposedly have a platonic relationship, according to the writers and directors. The fandom, however, begs to differ. Throughout the first and second season both characters traded glances, banter bordering on flirting, hugs, and heavy conversation topics. What is so platonic about that? πŸ˜‰ In last night’s episode the relationship continued to build in a pretty epic way. Clarke said this now famous quote to Bellamy:

“No. But you will be covering us the entire time. I trust you.”

The fandom exploded with gifs and tweets. I may have shed a few thousand tears. For the next episode I am hoping for a pretty epic ending, if ya know what I mean. πŸ˜‰ I feel it coming and have felt it building since the second half of the season.

Jasper’s character went through hell this past episode. <spoiler> He became chipped last episode on the rig! When did this happen? When he was watching Luna getting tortured, apparently. I’m not quite sure I like the way the directors went about chipping Jasper, but from an author POV I understand the suspense.</end spoiler> Personally, Jasper has gone through enough crap this season, but the writers know how to keep the audience drawn in. They got me hooked.

What rubbed me the wrong way last night was Raven’s seeming lack of response to the fact <spoiler>Β that Jasper was chipped. </end spoiler>Β She seemed too intensely, almost obsessively, focused on getting into ALIE’s code. Perhaps this was her way of trying to fix Jasper’s problem, but I just couldn’t imagine Raven reacting like that. Perhaps the directors were trying to get rid of the Javen/Rasper ship already afloat.

The major thing the fandom did not like was how Clarke reacted to her mom. <spoiler> Abby tortured her daughter and hung herself in front of Clarke. Much of the fandom did not like how Clarke watched her mom hang herself and not give the pass code for the flame. </end spoiler> I, however, am not surprised. Clarke views the flame as Lexa. Clarke is grieving Lexa still. This is simply a repeat of what happened with Jasper and Mia, Bellamy and Gina, and Octavia and Lincoln. (The only ship I actually like out of those three are Linctavia, though.) The fact that Clarke allowed her mom to go through with it was not surprising.

Need some clarifying as to what happened in the episode? Look at my awesome chart!


Next week’s part two of the finale will leave me in tears. I am sure of it. Whether that be happy or sad tears, or both, I am unsure.

What did you like about The 100 episode last night? Are you nervous for next week’s episode? Let me know!


Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



4 thoughts on “Review: The 100 S.3 Part 1 Finale

  1. I’m so behind on this show, I haven’t seen any of the recent season 3 episodes! I didn’t read the spoilers for that reason but YES BELLARKE MY SHIPPER HEART IS SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW πŸ™‚

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