May 9, 2016: Kass Morgan’s New Book

Hello, hello!

I am super excited to share this news with you! Kass Morgan, author of The 100, based off the new hit TV show on the CW, released news about a next installment for The 100 series.ReviewImageThe100ByKassMorgan_zps7b3c10c4

According to an E! News article, posted May 9, 2016, Morgan’s new book is to be called “Rebellion”, and it will release December 6. (Just in time for Christmas presents, might I say.) For a belated New Years’ Day gift to yourself, I suggest buying the boxed set of all four books in The 100 series being released on January 3, 2017. It feels so far away, yet it will be upon us before we know it!


Centuries after nuclear war destroyed our planet, humanity struggles to rebuild. It’s been a month since the dropships landed and the Colonists joined the Hundred on the ground. The teens, once branded juvenile delinquents, are now leaders among their people.

The Colonists and the Earthborns are celebrating their first holiday together when, to everyone’s horror, they’re attacked by a group of strangers whose unusual battle cries fill the air. The newcomers kill scores of people, seize prisoners, and pillage crucial supplies. When hotheaded Bellamy and his analytical girlfriend Clarke discover that Wells, Octavia and Glass have been captured, they vow to get them back at all costs. But as they go after their new enemies, Bellamy and Clarke find themselves increasingly at odds, unable to agree on a plan to save their friends. 

Meanwhile, Wells, Octavia, and Glass are being slowly brainwashed by their captors, religious fanatics with one goal: to grow their ranks and “heal” the war-ravaged planet…  by eliminating everyone else on it.

But centuries of radiation exposure have taken their toll, forcing the cult to take drastic steps to survive. And unless the rescue party arrives soon, the teen captives will face a fate more terrifying than anything they could imagine. In this thrilling fourth installment, the hundred fight to protect the people they love on the dangerous planet they always dreamed of calling home.


To be honest, I actually have not yet read Day 21 or Homecoming. My friend got me to read the first book, but then she got me hooked on the TV show, too! I have been a little fearful that if I start the books again, I will be disappointed. *cringe* That is possibly the worst thing I could possibly say. I am determined, however, to read Day 21 and Homecoming before December 6!

Have you read the books or watched the show?

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



9 thoughts on “May 9, 2016: Kass Morgan’s New Book

  1. I’ve only watched about half the first season of the show (I think) and had to stop because of last year’s hectic schedule.
    But! Bellamy and Clarke end up together?? What?!

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