Poetry: A Mother’s Love

A Mother's Love

Get the bowl of life

out of the relationship cupboard.

Dash in the kisses

of comfort.

Mix it along with scoldings

burning bright at night.

Beat the scoldings

until the memory

is smoothed over.

Knead in the swaddled sleeps

blanketed nights of warmth.

Pick up the shaker

full of used band aids,

of scraped knees,

and bruised ribs.

Pluck a few brushed away hairs

that stick to the kind fingers

of a mother.

Stir and see the sweet aroma

of recollections

wafting through the air,

little playbacks of life.

Pour it all into a bottle.

Take a deep sniff.

Smell the tears

and the smiles

all mixed into one.

Know that this is

your mother’s love.


2 thoughts on “Poetry: A Mother’s Love

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