May 5, 2016: Why Were AP Exams Invented?

Hello, there.

This post does not warrant the usual exclamation point. Tomorrow I face my very first AP exam: AP United States History. In the morning. I feel completely unsure of myself. I went to Collegeboard and looked at past tests questions. The essay questions seemed okay, but I couldn’t come up with my 3 political, 3 social, and 3 economic reasons. I could come up with one or two for each of them, but not quite three. Tomorrow will be a long morning, and afterwards comes regular ‘ole high school. For those of you who have taken college final exams, what do you suggest?

I did not feel stressed a few days, or even hours, ago, but now as I look over past tests, it has come. The stress is making me feel sick, but I know that if I don’t know the information now, I never will. What’s the point of continuing to study? I will only continue to feel sick, right?

But if I go and color instead, or even read, I won’t be able to stop bringing terms into my head and trying to invent my own essay questions to study. Do I call my friends? Nah, they are probably eating supper right now. I already have to miss The 100 tonight so I can get decent sleep. Perhaps I will simply lay on the couch and watch TV with my mom. I will feel super unproductive, though. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!


Much love and luck, XOXO,

~ A Writer Named Charley~



One thought on “May 5, 2016: Why Were AP Exams Invented?

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