New on Fridays!


I recently talked to a few of my friends about my writings in general. I mainly have shared my poetry because, believe it or not, I’m less attached to those pieces of writings compared to my prose writings. My poetry I write and edit a few times before releasing on here. With my prose, I have been writing the same few novel ideas since middle school. I write, edit, re-edit, and then school gets in the way of writing. The last few times I have gone back and actually still liked the writing style and voice and characters of one particular novel, still in the works, called The Changing Tree. This story has become an integral part of my being as I’ve grown up. I feel like my writing has grown stronger and perhaps began to come towards fully matured. (Although, I also believe writing to be a process everyone can always improve upon.)

Long story short: I am going to begin sharing some of my prose pieces, and The Changing Tree, on this blog on Fridays. I’m not guaranteeing a weekly update on The Changing Tree every week. School just won’t allow for those necessities. I would love feedback and inspiration to keep moving along with sharing my prose, or perhaps feedback on why I shouldn’t. I’m open to everybody’s opinions! I will continue sharing my poetry every once in a while. (Probably more often than not.)

Thank you for continuing to grow along with this blog and for inspiring me to reach out every day!

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



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