April 9 2016: I Need To Get a Bedtime

Well, the late night inspiration to write a blog post has hit again. I need to figure out a good bed time and then get all electronics in a different room by then. This weekend, though, needs to be written about.

Not much happened. And that is my problem. I have my AP exams coming up in a few weeks, as you know. I sat down today and decided to sort my AP United States History flashcards. It is quite the stack. 20160409_215715.jpg

That is only from semester one, except the stack on top is from the first unit of this semester. I need to make a heck of a lot more, which is why I had my dad run to Walmart during a blizzard last night to get me 600 more index cards. I still have not cracked into those yet, but I will.

Anyways, back to my point, I feel like I did not get much done today because I sat on my butt all day. Only time I left my room was to do chores and my parents forced me out to go to lunch with them. Otherwise, I was inside my room  (with windows open) going through index cards all day. I did have a split screen, so I could watch movies on Netflix. I just was not feeling the music thing today. Anyone have any good playlists to get me back in the mood? Or that you listen to for studying?

I’m hoping tomorrow, between whenever I’m at church, I can make some more flashcards. I feel super unprepared, but I know I have time.

Side note: My school issues everyone a Chromebook at the beginning of the school year, and a charger along with it. Friday I borrowed it to a friend in a class, and we both forgot to get it back to me. Now she is in Washington, D.C. all week until Friday. But guess what… Friday is my final college tour, so I will be gone. I have no idea what to do besides maybe ask a librarian on Monday morning. I could not live without the Chromebook all week with how much teachers rely on technology in the classrooms nowadays. (That rant would be an entirely different blog post, though.)

Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



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