April 7, 2016: I Should Probably Be In Bed Right Now

So, I should probably be in bed right now. Actually, I am. Let me rephrase that: I should probably be asleep right now. I just have so many things swirling around in my head, so it is hard to sleep.


Thing #1: My ACT score. For those of you that don’t know, in the United States the ACT test is huge. Colleges base your acceptance off of this (among other things), and the test is standardized. Don’t even get me started on standardized tests, but I was super nervous about this result. I had to rush through my science and math (which is why those scores are lower than the rest), and it felt like I did not do well on it. Despite my feelings, I got a 30 on the composite score. (FYI the overall score is out of 36) I AM SUPER PUMPED! This will get me so many scholarships and tuition reductions for my three colleges I want to apply to.


Thing #2: Books. My junior year of high school has not left me much time to read, plus with starting up this blog, my time is pretty much spent doing things constantly. Luckily, I got sit down over spring break (Only last week, but yet it seems like forever ago!) and read two books. It felt amazing. I just started a third book, but I did not finish it. The book is currently sitting beside me staring up at me. (Not actually staring since the girl on the cover has her eyes closed.) I cannot wait until I can sit down and read a book again.


Thing #3: AP Exams. They are coming up quickly. My AP United States History class just took a practice test on Monday, and I got a 40% on it. Granted, I do really well on all the written portions of the tests, but I need to get my grades up overall. My parents paid for the exams, (I’m also taking AP English Literature and Composition) and I need to get a good score. Otherwise it is almost $200 of their money down the drain. I’m lucky enough they even offered to pay for the exam. And half of my CAPP courses next year as well! I never expected any of it, but it also puts extra pressure on me. This weekend I’m going to begin studying, but I also need to apply to scholarships. I might have to tell my mom about the change of plans. Postpone scholarships until after the AP exams?


Do you have any tips/suggestions for anything? Quick ways to reduce stress? Maximize study time? Pinterest can only do so much, you guys! Thanks for listening to my rants!


Much love, XOXO,

~A Writer Named Charley~



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