Review: Off the Page and Into My Heart

This book has contained so many feelings of mine before I even began reading it. I was content with the way that Between the Lines ended, but then when I found out that this book was a companion novel, suddenly I just wasn’t okay with the ending. So much happened in Between the Lines with Oliver and Delilah that the secondary characters were just that… secondary and in the background. With this book though, they all got to come to the front of the page and show their feelings and relationships and thoughts. It was quite a beautiful scene.

There are two aspects of this book that we didn’t get in the first book, but we beautifully got in this book: the random writings of thoughts that were like prose poetry. It was random and inconsistent, but when you finished a chapter and it popped up in the brown writing, I was excited and filled with happiness. It was almost as if the book was talking to me and it knew my inner feelings. There’s just something about them that made me feel understood. Perhaps as Delilah felt when Oliver first started talking to her.

And the second aspect I loved: Edgar’s point of view. This book would have been completely pointless if his point of view wasn’t added in to the mix. Perhaps for many it seemed like too many people to keep straight, but it was amazing. Readers would not have known about what was going on inside the book, and we wouldn’t have known about what Edgar was feeling about the switch.

Edgar’s character brings a lot to the table in this book. There’s not anything in particular that I loved about his character, but I loved him in his entirety. He was snarky and just lovable all around. He loved being where hew as, but he also didn’t like the fact that he didn’t get to see his mother every day. Perhaps it was the softer and gentler side of Edgar that really appealed to me. When he met Jules that just put everything into fireworks for me. The two of them together made me smile and laugh and cry. I totally ship it; no matter what.

Delilah and Oliver together go through trials that are a part of everyday life, except that Oliver does things he shouldn’t because he doesn’t realize that he shouldn’t do them. He’s kind of like a grown kid in a teenager body. And can we please talk about that SAT score? WOW! Anyways, I liked the return of the two of them and how so much happens in this book but they stick together to the end, and perhaps after too. I don’t know what else to say about them besides that they’re perfect in their own way.

Overall, the book brings tears and crying along with laughing and smiles. There is just so much that happens and there’s no way to describe the feelings besides normal fangirl feelings. Reading this book was like seeing an old friend and running and screaming into their arms and hugging them and swinging around in a circle until you fall to the ground. There is just so much that needs to be told and there is so limited space for it. Perhaps I’ll even re-read it.


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