Review: Finding Mr. Brightside

{Beware of minor to semi-major spoilers. I tried my best to not have them, but they snuck themselves in.}
My newfound love for whale love stories has begun with Finding Mr. Brightside, which has a hint of OCD Love Story within it. I entered dozens of book giveaways for this particular book, just because I really liked the title due to the song “Mr. Brightside”. Kind of on my guilty conscious now due to this book’s amazing romance. I was expecting a happier contemporary book than what I had been reading (I Was Here and Even in Paradise) but this book was still a little on the sad emotional side.
The book opens in a CVS pharmacy of all places, but it just makes complete sense with this book and its characters. There are two POVs in this book: Abram and Juliette. Juliette takes Adderall and Abram takes an anti-depressant; both because of their parent’s deaths from a car crash about a year earlier. While this may seem a bit weird that BOTH their parents died a car crash around the same time, the thing is their parents were having an affair with each other. It’s a completely new idea for a romance, and the funny thing is… I was okay with it.
When we meet Juliette she is quite the cynical person when she talks to other people. She hates her mother for what she did, and doesn’t really want to talk about what she did. She takes a jump out of her comfort zone when she meets Abram at the CVS, her mother’s lover’s son, and decides to go to Taco Bell with him. As the book continues and Abram and Juliette’s story brings them past his basement room to a cabin where their parents went to when having the affair, where their real love story begins. By the end of the terribly short book (I definitely wish it could have been longer, but also not.) Juliette is surprising Abram by how outgoing he has made her, and it just sort of makes me cry outwardly and inwardly.
Abram is a top-tier, A+ kind of guy. So is his mother. Abram’s mother is the sweetest lady in the world, because she forgave his dad and Juliette’s mother despite what he had done to her. She also tells Abram to check up on Juliette and make sure that she’s okay. Also, she completely give Juliette a hug at the end, and I cried at that part too. Anyways, Abram used to be a hardcore tennis player, but after his dad dies, he stops. He takes an anti-depressant that makes him sleepy thirty minutes after he takes it and he is out. After Juliette figures this out, she makes a plan to have Abram slowly get off of the pill, but she still is taking her Adderall. Abram does everything for Juliette. He even ignores when she seems standoffish and fills the awkward silences. Everything that Abram does is for Juliette. Juliette changes him too, and while it isn’t as drastic as what he does to Juliette, he still changes. She gets him back to playing tennis, even accepting a tennis scholarship, and gives him back life.
This story is like none other, which makes me insanely happy, and there’s no break-ups, fights, or anything else. This romance isn’t all of a sudden, but slow and nice. I loved this book mainly because it doesn’t follow the pattern of many contemporary books: Girl likes guy, they kiss, they date, they fight, they break up, they cry, they kiss, they get back together, and have a happily ever after. This book has so many times where the characters have awkward silences, so many scenes of laughter and crying, and it is just real life in this book. It is real life, and I’m glad for that.

3 thoughts on “Review: Finding Mr. Brightside

  1. ….I clicked on this post just because of the title. And you mentioned the song at the end! I love this song.

    The book sounds very interesting, I have a thing for liking material that breaks clichΓ©s, though I’ve never delved into romance.

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