Poem: Reality’s Edge


Why am I told

the earth is round?

The edge is here

in front of me

the water pooling

around my feet

creatures push me

away from the edge

but my brain compels me

to grow closer yet

Why am I told

I cannot touch the stars?

I see one there

just out of reach

if I move just closer

wiggle my fingertips

press my toes

into the ground

perhaps the tingles

can feel real

perhaps the star

that I hold in my hand

is real.

A dreamer told me once

that we each create

our own realities.

Let me tell you,

the earth is flat

as a checkerboard

we are pieces

of a god’s game.

Let you believe

this truth that trickles

from the mouth

that once sprinkled lies

it had been told.

Let you believe

this reformed being.

My reality may be

as real to you as


but let me introduce myself

Alice, loud and proud.

The light-bursting stars

can be reached

at the edge of the earth

as sharp as the tongueโ€™s lies

that spews from your mouth

This is my reality

whatโ€™s yours?



3 thoughts on “Poem: Reality’s Edge

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