“Fuller House” Fills Viewers Hearts

Many of today’s adults grew up with DJ, Stephanie and Michelle Tanner in the house in San Francisco. When “Full House” aired its last episode in 1995, the hearts of its beloved viewers broke. Life went on. Many teen-agers today grew up on the re-runs of “Full House” and thanks to Netflix, they get to watch the kids of DJ and Kimmy Gibbler grow up in the same house.

Netflix posted the very first season of “Fuller House” on its popular streaming service on Feb. 26. Families across the country, and the world, get to fall back in love with the very same family with much of the same cast. Mary Kate and Ashley Olson are not in the first season of “Fuller House” but producers and cast members are hoping for one of them to join them for at least one episode, according to numerous interviews. In the first episode of the new Netflix original show, the cast takes a moment to tell Stephanie, also called DJ Tanner due to her disc-jockey business, about Michelle’s business in New York running her clothing empire. The cast hilariously takes a second to face the viewers and look irritated. These few seconds have caused uproars of laughter and jokes across viewer’s living rooms.

The season begins with all three of the main guys, Jesse, Danny and Joey coming into the dining room like nothing had changed in the past 29 years, according to the subtitles on the opening credits. Quickly enters the rest of the cast, minus Michelle, with lots of smiles and catch phrases thrown about the room. The new cast members, the children of DJ and Kimmy and Kimmy’s ex-husband, are perfectly introduced through humor. The entire first episode is infused with the same good humor that grabbed the hearts of the original viewers. Throughout the episode, as well, is “flashbacks” of “Full House” to connect to every audience member.

There were tear-jerking moments in the first episode, as viewers are sure there will be in the rest of the season, and there were moments of great joy and laughter. The end of the first episode gives dedication to the supporters of “Full House,” such as Arlen Coulier, Carole Franklin, Dolly Saget and Loretta Stamos, and a (They would have loved this) to top it all of. The viewers hope they will love the rest of the season as well. With how well the first episode went, everyone is sure they will.


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