Review: Goodbye, Nevermore Trilogy

Oblivion was the end of a phenomenal and unique trilogy called the Nevermore trilogy by Kelly Creagh. The characters, and its readers, have gone through so much. The research that Creagh has done to write Oblivion, along with Nevermore and Enshadowed, was thoroughly done. The facts, when personally looked into, were all correct. The male protagonist, Varen, is not the average hot jock that is generally written into young adult novels. Varen is artistic, not well-liked, and overall the best male protagonist out there. His counterpart, Isobel, is more than your average blonde cheerleader. The characters in this book were all diverse from each other and equally complex in their character development. The plot twists throughout the trilogy, and especially throughout Oblivion. The dreamworld that is built parallel to the actual world becomes more clear in understanding, but also more confusing. This is not a normal review. It is a goodbye to the characters and their stories.

Goodbye, Nevermore,

    Perhaps one day I will meet you all over again. Hopefully we will melt into the same pages together. For right now, you are left sitting in a coffee shop about to leave. For now, you are frozen in time with smiles on your face. With jade green eyes meeting the blue ones across the table. For now, you know each other, and know how deep each other’s love is for the other. For now, you are safe to fall asleep in each other’s arms without demons waking you up. No more Scrimshaw, no more Pinfeathers, no more dreamworld. There is a poet named Edgar Allen Poe who wrote poems and one novel, but that is all. He did not create a dreamworld, nor did he write a novel about a true event. He simply was a creator of writings. Lilith is just another mythical creature. You have your memories of what happened, but that is all the evidence you have, besides each other, that anything happened at all. Stay in your coffeehouse about to leave. Sleep peacefully at night in the arms of your love. This is my goodbye to you. Just for now.


~Your Readers~


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