Poem: Jacks and Masters

Jacks and Masters

Jack of all trades:


spew lust

yet feel like love

nestled among others in my heart

strangle me

until there are no remnants

of new black streaks

among my now charcoal heart


all the people wish

had been directed at them

until it was on me

I divert my eyes

yours sear thoughts

within my head


appear bright and cozy

a well-known comforter

full of sleepless nights thinking

of your

bears and roses

surrounding the brain’s alerts

of the smooth


dance their way along

the human population

make each feel special;


a firework show for one


inspire artists

to recreate a modern Mona Lisa

rival Titanic’s french models

everyone puts their DNA

on you to try to put their image

into your seamlessly perfect one


A jack of all trades

many could say

but a master to none

is more familiar to me


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