Review: The Escape Kidnapped My Day

The Escape by Hannah Jayne had a phenomenal plot twist in the last 30 pages of the book. Not many authors can get away with a major plot twist, but this one easily did. Overall, I was expecting the book to be more of a thriller than it actually was, but that may be because my first thriller was Black Iceย by Becca Fitzpatrick. (AKA I got spoiled with my first one.) But this one had some moments where my heart was racing. There wasn’t much buildup to the end of the book which made me sad, but it did make me paranoid of my own house and neighborhood. The storyline and characters definitely got to me, but the whole thriller factor wasn’t the main focal point of the story.
I really loved the beginning of the book where we were in the woods with Fletcher and Adam during the attack, and it set it up for the rest of the book very nicely. Fletcher might have been my favorite POV (point of view) for the book versus having it from Avery’s POV. Her POV was interesting and gave us more insight from the more “outside” perspective. Fletcher’s POV though was really interesting, because he gave us the snippets of the memories of the attack and kept the book moving and interesting. If it was just from his POV it would have seemed confusing since all of his thoughts and memories were a bit jumbled, but next to Avery’s POV it all was kept straight.
Fletcher’s character was interesting because of everything that he had gone through. He really gave the book the exact uniqueness that it needed. He slowly developed feelings for Avery even when he wasn’t sure why. Just being around her grounded him, and I found this really sweet. However the budding romance wasn’t the focal point of the story. Adam’s death and investigation was.


ย While Fletcher became a suspect in the murder of Adam about halfway through the book, I didn’t want to believe right along with Avery. It seemed impossible since he had also been almost dead when Avery found him. Especially when he would get the snippets of memory, and that would throw me off the path. He was a really good Red Herring for this book. The only thing I didn’t understand about Fletcher being Adam’s murderer was that his mother was the one doing all these things to him. That was just too weird for me to understand. But his schizophrenia made complete sense to me, especially with the whispers. I wish we had more information on what happened to his sister, like what he exactly did to her, but that’s okay that we didn’t learn about it.
Avery was just average for me, so I’m not going to talk much about her. She didn’t do much besides run around and disobey her dad. I can only take so much of that, but when her dad is the Chief of Police you better listen to him. She was good at sticking her nose in places where they weren’t needed, but despite knowing more intricate details than the police she was completely off the path of the murderer.
Overall, this book was amazing. I just can’t get my mind around that last plot twist in the 30 pages at the end of the book. It started out in the woods, and it ends in the woods. Hannah Jayne brings this book full circle in a beautiful curve, and it’s great. A quick read for an airplane flight or a road trip.


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