Review: Ten Transfers Readers to Creepy Places

Gretchen McNeil has written an amazing thriller book that not only scared me while I was among the pages, but also walking among my own sunny home. Ten was brilliantly written and kept its secrets even better, because I did not see the killer coming whatsoever. What started out as a party become the worst nightmare anyone could ever imagined. Ten teenagers on a island for what is supposed to be an amazing three day party twists and turns into a thriller right along with the raging storm outside the mansion. Throughout the story there are people getting murdered, trying to escape the house, arguments, things getting thrown along with its accusations, and the surprise of all surprises in this book wraps it all up with a pretty little bow.
The suspense and action in this book was all very realistic for this situation. (Not that I think this could actually happen because that would be freaking crazy.) The beginning of the book, when Meg and Minnie are on the ferry to the island, sets up the creepy mood right away. It’s a storm and they’re on a rickety ferry with two middle-aged guys that tell them to be careful as they get off the boat. What’s not freaky about that? (Still want to know what those guys knew and why they said those words.) All the deaths throughout the book were, dare I say, beautiful in the way they were written and planned. (I’m not sure if I should be worried about that, Gretchen McNeil. Ha ha ha) The first death definitely got me, because I was a quarter of the way into the book, just about, and then all of a sudden it was just there. Literally in the face of the main character, Meg, but it felt like my face. That was the moment I realized how intoTen that I was. Then as more and more deaths came the anxiety and thrill got amped up even more until they all came to that final moment of yelling, fire, and eventually calmness.
The only character that I kind of had a problem with was Minnie. She went after Ben right away at the beginning of the book, but then as soon as Meg even talked to T.J. she was jealous and mad at Meg. That was basically the only thing that annoyed me with this book, but it was talked about later between Meg and T.J. which I was so, oh so, very happy about. Not many authors talk about their secondary character’s flaws. Which leads me to another thing. I loved how every character in the book had their flaws. Not just the main character which is common, but every. single. character. That caught my attention right away, and it made the book more relatable despite the situation the characters were in. Certain characters drew my eyes (aka my thoughts) to them for certain reasons and in specific situations in the book I wanted to know how they would react, because I knew they would react. I got to know the characters so well in this book despite many of their deaths occurring. There was so much detail and depth to each character that I felt like I knew them personally even if I did only know them for maybe 40 pages before they died. It was amazing, and not something that I feel with a stand-alone book all the time.
The ending is a bit of mixed feelings for me. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but it definitely left me feeling shocked and awed and wanting to applaud Gretchen McNeil.
(If you don’t want to know details about the ending then don’t read this spoiler.)  
I don’t really like that Ben came “back” from the dead, but then I guess there wasn’t much else Gretchen McNeil could do to have a killer alive. Another thing I didn’t like was the fact that he somehow got out of the house multiple times and was able to run around the house, after he was supposed to be dead, and no one noticed. Like if I were in that house and I was still able to mentally move around the house then I would be aware of every freaking noise. But then there’s also the fact that no one went into his room, which okay I probably wouldn’t either if I thought there was going to be a dead body in there. But then, how good of a mastermind would he have had to of been if he was laying in the same spot when they searched the house as he had been in when he had supposedly “died”. That’s freaking creepy and awesome. I just… the ending kind of bugged me, but it also tied everything together. I am so happy that T.J. wasn’t dead because if he actually was dead then I would have bawled my eyes out. Bawled. Not even joking.
Overall, this book was an amazing thriller that I am glad I was able to pick up and absorb myself in. It helped me get over this major book slump, and now I’m book hungover… but the final moments of the book on the dock were beautiful. I love this book, and want to own it. Definitely going to recommend this book to everyone.

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