Review: (I’ll Meet You There) I Met This Book… and Loved It

I am so happy that I got to read this book. There aren’t many authors who can keep me entertained and interested in more than one of their books if the books aren’t all part of the same series. Really though, Heather Demetrios’ books are all completely different from the other and it amazes me that all these ideas are in the same head.
Josh’s character made me smile and laugh and cry, which is a typical thing to say about a greatly written character. However, he also gave me tingles in my stomach so I knew that I was in love with his character. He had little snippets in between chapters where he was talking to someone, and at first I was excited because I thought he was talking to Sky. Except he was talking to his dead Marine friend, and that killed me. I go to know Josh’s character better in those little snippets than in the actual chapters, because it was his innermost thoughts. There were moments where I was yelling at Josh to get his act together because he did something stupid, but I think that only occurred like two or three times and he was drunk in basically every single one of them if I remember correctly. But he was real, and I loved how he made Sky different. In a completely good way. She wasn’t changing to be with him, but they both changed due to friendship with each other.
Sky is the main character and she did not have an easy time in this book. Many characters don’t, but hers wasn’t the clichΓ©d struggle of just liking a guy that she couldn’t have. She had real life struggles that many people could relate to: her mom being a drunk, not having enough money, her dad dying, and so many more. There was just not an end to the crapfest of her life. It was no wonder that she wanted to get out of Creek View. I would too. Except, the moments of beauty that she saw towards the end of the book made me want to jump into the book and go there. At the end of the book, Skylar’s character had changed drastically from the beginning, and she realized that perhaps this life in Creek View that she had viewed as the worst thing that could ever happen to her wasn’t actually that bad. It made me so happy for her to see that, because I already had.
I can’t even explain fully how amazed and saddened I am by this book. I’m sad because there isn’t an epilogue and that it ended, but I’m also crazy excited to read another Heather Demetrios book. I am now a fan that is going to check and recheck to see when her next book comes out, because I’ll be the first one to grab ahold of it. This is not just a must read, but it is a need read! So read it! Now!


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