Review: Don’t Forget The Forgetting

Nicole Maggi does a brilliant job of showing a number of aspects of today’s world that commonly get ignored and shoved under the rug right into the light of every reader’s hearts to be talked about. The Forgetting is a phenomenal book that talks about the sex trafficking world and the slave trade that could be happening in anybody’s back yard. Not just across the ocean in third world countries. It also talks about the flaws in the foster care system in America, along with what happens to many children after they age out of the system. The synopsis does not give this book the justice it deserves. The Forgetting is way more than just a book about a girl who gets a heart transplant and is trying to figure out how her heart donor died. This book is about the girls and guys on the street that are selling their bodies to survive. This book is about the tragedy that happens every night and day in everybody’s cities, no matter how nice your neighborhood may look. It also talks about how you can help and change what is happening to children and teenagers and even adults. Nicole Maggi does a brilliant job of delivering the heaviest topics to talk about in a simple story. Her author note at the end of the book describes with even more detail why she wrote this book and what inspired it to be written. I don’t normally read Author Note’s, but this one is worth it.
Georgie Kendrick, the protagonist, wakes up from a heart transplant that she didn’t know was going to happen. She had a case of pneumonia that quickly escalated into heart failure. Lucky for her there was a girl just down the hall from her who had a healthy heart, unlucky for her: she was going to get all the girl’s memories and slowly lose her own. What does Georgie do to stop the memories from leaving? She decides to investigate. She quickly learns that the girl’s name is Annabel when she meets Nate, Annabel’s love. The relationship between Nate and Georgie develop into something more as she spends more and more time around him, but she doesn’t tell him the truth of why she keeps coming around. Georgie has a hard time separating the feelings of Annabel and her own towards Nate, but that doesn’t stop her from feeling something.
Throughout this book, Nate and Georgie act as detectives to figure out how Annabel died and just who exactly was all involved. Through the memories Georgie keeps gaining and the facts from the police, they figure out what happened, but Georgie has to give up her one escape from the world in order to do so. Never have I cried so much at a materialistic item no longer belonging.
Once again, Nicole Maggi did a marvelous job of explaining the horrors of the streets that many want to ignore and puts them right in the middle of the dining table. This is a must read.


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