Poetry: Imagine Us

Imagine US

Why do you hold so much of my heart?

We haven’t even met

yet you’re all my heart thinks about


I imagine our future

then a future without you

Every song I hear

I imagine you

you singing to me

us being the song


I miss you

I don’t know you


I see us now,

meeting, laughing,

falling in love,

the others may not have worked out,

but I’m determined to make us work

they weren’t the girls for you.



a dirt road

out in the country

the windows down in your pickup

my feet on the dash

love and laughter between us

our song comes on the radio

the song that was on

when I first saw you

just as we pull up to our favorite spot

out in the middle of nowhere

I try to run

but you catch me from behind

I squeal and laugh

as you swing me around

in the tall grass

we fall down and stay there

entwined in each other

the world is turned off

nothing will break this perfect moment


Through all my fantasies

I’m scared

of what might actually happen

if we met

would we fall in love?

Or will I be just another girl?

Will my friends be right? Or wrong?


tell me now.


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